4 Ways Glossier is Winning at Marketing

Similar to other direct-to-consumer brands such as Warby Parker and Dollar Shave Club, this Millennial makeup brand is shaking up the marketing game. Aside from a few select pop-up shops around the United States, almost all of their business is done online. Whether or not you like their products, it’s almost impossible not to be lured in by their savvy marketing. Below are 5 ways Glossier is winning at marketing.

  1. Easy Website Navigation

Minimalistic, clean, and easy to navigate – Glossier’s website provides a captivating user experience. The high-quality images make it visually appealing, and the white space really makes these product images pop.

  1. Email Marketing Calls to Action

Just like their website, their email marketing is clean, minimalistic and features high-quality photography. The white background really makes those vibrant blue calls to action stand out – it’s almost impossible not to click ‘shop now’.

  1. Leveraging User-Generated Content

Engagement, engagement, engagement. Reposting user-generated content makes your audience feel seen and appreciated, and it also helps build trust for any potential customers thinking about making a purchase.

  1. Diversity and inclusivity

We’re in the twenty-first century, and Glossier is fully aware of that. Unlike many other beauty brands, they make an active effort to incorporate diversity into their marketing strategy – creating products and posting content that caters to all audiences, regardless of gender, size, and ethnicity.

Do you think your business would benefit from a millennial approach to marketing? We would love to incorporate some of these tactics into your strategy. Reach out and a member of our tribe will be happy to help.

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