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4 Simple Adwords Hacks to Increase Your ROI Instantly

Adwords Adverising

Google Adwords is a must have tool in today’s digital marketing landscape. While great for driving brand awareness and conversions, it can sometimes feel as though you’ve hit a wall with results.

Do you want to see your cost-per-conversion hit 74% while increasing conversion rate by 215%? There are simple adjustments you can make in an “Adwords tune-up” that will help you decrease your impressions, increase your number of conversions and most importantly, decrease the cost of those conversions.

There is no better feeling than being able to tell your client that you not only brought them more leads, but that they cost 55% less than the month before.

Try out our 4 Simple Adwords Tune-Up Hacks to driving better results and let us know if they worked for you.

1. Check on Your Location Targeting

If you’re not careful, Google will show your ads to people not currently in your target location but have shown interests in your location. For brick and mortar locations where value is brought by getting customers into the location, you can save a lot of money and wasted clicks by avoiding people who cannot physically visit your location.

2. Test Different Ad Rotations

There are a few ways you can optimize your ad rotation, if sign ups and purchases are your goal we recommend choosing Optimize for Conversions.

Other ad rotation options include:

Optimizing for conversions may result in your ad group receiving fewer clicks but, it’s more likely to receive more conversions, which can result in an improved return on investment.

Optimize for clicks gives preference to ads that are expected to attract more clicks than other ads in the ad group, based on your past clickthrough rates (CTRs). With this setting, your ad group will likely receive more impressions and clicks overall.

Rotate evenly delivers your ads more evenly into the ad auction, allowing ads with lower clickthrough rates and conversion rates to show more often, so this option could result in a lower average position or fewer clicks and conversions.

Rotate indefinitely setting delivers your ads more evenly into the ad auction, but does so for an indefinite amount of time and does not optimize. It is not recommended by Google for most advertisers.

3. Set Up an Ad Schedule

An ad schedule is a must if your business is wanting phone calls or quick turnarounds for replying to interested searchers. If your business is not open then it most likely doesn’t make sense that your online business should be spending money to appear open either. This schedule can vary by day and be customized to match your business.

4. Pause all keywords with a low relevancy score

Keywords with low relevancy score are going to cost you more. Adwords to it’s core is a bidding war and when you’re fighting head to head for a top spot against a higher quality score Google is going to make you pay. If you’re looking to save money, these keywords can go.

Adwords is a blast if you enjoy data and chasing results as much as we do. If you’re overwhelmed by the tool’s capabilities and the thought of having to produce results, Tribu can help. We can’t promise numbers like these for everyone, but we do promise we are hungry for them.

Let’s chat about your current Adwords situation.

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