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To create a really strong brand sometimes you need good inspirational music. We created a playlist to help us ideate and design. Here it is for you!

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Trudy poster

The Grateful dead poster. Celebration of music

Hand-drawn posters take time but occasionally I get my hands dirty and work on some special design pieces. This is one of those projects. Crafted for Trudy’s tex-mex restaurant celebrating Día de Muertos. We combined the Grateful Dead album art of skull and roses with a traditional Calavera skull creating a poster celebrating, remembering, and honoring music, friends, and family that have passed on.

Poster Design for day of the dead
Day of the Dead T-shirt Design

For fun I’m going too dive in too how I crafted it. I like to use a combination of tools to optimize the speed of illustration work. I like to work with your good old pen and paper. Using a sharpie and a window to trace designs. I trace over what I want to keep. Once I get to a good point I will scan it over to my phone. 

Why not scan it? Well, that is one method that works well but I can eliminate 2 steps by using Adobe Capture. If you are a designer you need to go download this app now. With this app, I can automatically vectorize my drawing with all the gritty detail of the marker. Pro tip: if you want a solid vector to use the blackest marker you have on white paper. The best result comes out of high contrast.

Anyway though the amazing capture technology its super easy to do a complex illustration vectorize it and not have to hassle with scans. Its sweet becus with Adobe’s Cloud library you can pull the illustrations into any app that utilizes the library system.

Trudy poster how to

Citizen Chicken & Waffles

Developing a personality for a brand can be challenging but also super fun. I love designing logos and brands with characters. It creates a face that people can connect with. Citizen celebrities the decadent food it bakes and fries up in its kitchen. We didn’t want to shy away from that and embrace those feelings when you want to throw your diet out the door.

It’s authentic, transparent, and fun. The rooster resembles the humorous, friendly nature of Citizen. Its little plump mascot symbolizes Citizen’s southern comfort food that is perfect for its busy-going customers.

Citizen Branding
Citizen brand colors
Typography and typeface for citizen branding
Citizen Logo photography
Citizen mural
Citizen Logo

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EcoSmart Solution Branding

EcoSmart Solution is a Joint Venture of global real estate investment firm, Taurus Investment Holdings (TIH) and Shell New Energies, a subsidiary of global energy leader Royal Dutch Shell. They combined new technologies and industries to create an eco-friendly living solution at an affordable cost. Our team loved working on Ecosmart as we gave them a head-to-toe rebrand.

The logo

Sometimes simple is the way to go.

Starting with the logo we decided to reflect the features used in an EcoSmart home. Using the sun to show solar and show a pipe grid to reflect the GeoGrid. We created a custom typeface for Ecosmart to match the illustration style we developed.

The dot is a unifying element used in the icon and in the typeface It also symbolizes energy and a molecule of heat or a photon of light. EcoSmart uses thermal and solar energy to create an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The A in EcoSmart is used to symbolize the roof of a home. The A combined with the dot shows how the home also interacts with energy. The A also takes inspiration from the Greek letter

Delta Δ. The delta is used in physics to represent the change in a variable. For example, a change in heat or energy.


Because Ecosmart uses new technologies we wanted to display it through animations. Everyone benefits from images and animations to help explain information and ideas we had so much fun exploring animations. Animation can even show personality depending on how it is animated. Smooth and calm animations give a welcoming feeling for all.

We used animations everywhere. Form complex animation showing technology in use in a home during seasons to smaller animations like an animated gradient to show energy and heat transfer.


The color was important. We wanted EcoSmart to stand out from among others and be bright and welcoming to all who wanted to learn more about EcoSmart Solution and the technologies used. Using these colors help capture the fun and eco-friendly qualities of EcoSmart. The eco-friendly lifestyle is represented by blue and green. While the warm colors represent warmth, heat, and energy.

Patterns and elements

We developed a fully modular pattern to complement the logo style and to illustrate and explain the technologies used. We use our patterns to show the interconnected technology used in EcoSmart communities. The illustration style allows for flexibility to create new illustrations for any new infographic needed for explaining new technologies.

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