5 important metrics to track your campaigns’ performance

The last thing you want to do when working on a social media campaign is fumbling around with data. Marketers need something simple and easy to understand. The following metrics will help keep track of our partner’s campaign performance across all social platforms…

Day In The Life Of A Tribu Marketing Intern

Hi – our names are Olivia, Audrey + Linh, and we currently intern at Tribu, a San Antonio marketing agency! Olivia works in the content marketing department, Audrey works in the sales department, and Linh works in the website design department.

We want to share our experience and all that we have learned during these past couple of months here at Tribu Creative – Our job responsibilities are all so different from one another, so hopefully, this will allow you to see the advertising agency from every angle. 


Today is a Monday, and everyone will be working in the office – Our office is super casual + relaxed, so the team is allowed to wear anything that they feel expresses themself and their personality. 

Monday morning calls for a cup of Joe, so we usually make a coffee in the office kitchen, bring one from home, or order from the Starbucks down the street!


Every Monday is our L10 meeting – Our team is divided into separate groups that we like to call tribes, and we go over the following: Good news, review last week’s finished tasks and any updates on our quarterly goals,  partner updates, complete IDS (Identify, Discuss, Solve) + conclude the meeting!


By this time, all of us head back to our desks and tackle our projects/assignments! Depending on the week and what our team needs help with, our day-to-day might look different from the previous week. 

Content Intern (Olivia): Write blogs + newsletters for business partners to help drive website traffic and build SEO

Sales Intern (Audrey): Monitor current running FB/linkedin ads 

Web Design Intern (Linh): Review clients’ brand guides and adapt design aesthetic to the client’s brand


Lunchtime with the Tribe members! We’ll head down to the lounge area to eat together or head to the Pearl food hall for some yummy eats. This is a time to catch up with each other and other team members on how our day is going.

A Tribu Intern's Favorite Place To Eat


Halfway through the day, we’ll generally stay in the lounge area for a change of scenery. Tribu is a two-story home located in Downtown San Antonio + converted into a creative marketing agency. 

With a few workspaces to choose from, this house provides you the option to be creative and cozy all in one!

The Tribu Sign A San Antonio Advertising Agency

Content Intern (Olivia): Build social media calendars for business partners and design copy/imagery for social media platforms 

Sales Intern (Audrey): Conduct research for Jason, the CFO – This includes texting services, call tracking, legalities for online marketing of CBD, keyword research for a multitude of industries + site audits for potential new partners

Web Design Intern (Linh): Design web pages + software and work on website corrections for clients 


Content Intern (Olivia): Conduct engagement and outreach on business partner social media platforms to increase organic followership

Sales Intern (Audrey): Head to an off-site sales meeting and take notes for the team

Web Design Intern (Linh): Touch base with Marian, the Visual Department Manager, and get approvals on design work + start to build the website on WordPress


Time to wrap up! We’ll usually meet up with the other interns from the Students + Startups program at a happy hour event they are hosting or go to happy hour with the other team members – Some of our favorite spots include:

  • Elsewhere Garden Bar + Kitchen
  • Cherrity Bar
  • The Pearl 
  • Burleson Beer Garden 
  • Halcyon Coffee + Bar + Lounge

Intern's Favorite Happy Hour Spots

Our internship at Tribu Advertising Agency has been fun + full of unique experiences within the San Antonio marketing industry – Not only have all of us become great friends + colleagues, but we have also gained so much insight into our desired field!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our internship experience with Tribu Creative, and if you know of any college students/grads who could benefit from this blog, go ahead and share it with them.

Happy Summer!

The Power of Morphio for Your E-Commerce Advertising Efforts

Many different marketing analytics tools are available for use. Each of them has a different purpose and can provide you with detailed analytics based on what you are looking for. As your business grows into a recognizable brand, it is important to have a dashboard to track your growth. Find out below why Morphio is our choice for digital marketing reporting!

What is Morphio?

Morphio is a digital marketing tool that takes all of your digital marketing efforts’ data from the different platforms that you use and houses it in an easy-to-use dashboard with detailed analytics and insights. 

In Morphio you can enter a specific number of goals that you wish to hit each month, and track the progress for each of those. Morphio is super intuitive and can give you warnings based on if you will hit that goal or not, and provides recommendations to make sure that you meet or exceed your goal for the month.

Additionally, once successfully integrated with all of your advertising channels, you can keep track of campaign performance. Most importantly, you will be able to track your cost per acquisition (CPA) and your return on ad spend (ROAS), which are super important for a growing brand like yourself!

How to Integrate This Tool Into Your Reporting

At first, Morphio might feel foreign when trying to pull analytics reports and insights. However, you shouldn’t fear it! It is a super intuitive tool that will make your life easier when working with an agency that knows how to use it. 

First, you should focus on getting all of your advertising accounts properly connected to Morphio. Coming directly from the platform itself, Morphio has a great step-by-step on how to integrate each platform successfully

Next, you want to familiarize yourself with the platform. Of course, the agency you have will probably be using this a little more than you, but it is always good to know how to find the answers you are looking for. Morphio has a great walkthrough video on how the reporting dashboard works, and where to find what you might be looking for!

Once you have had your sandbox session, you will want to go in and set your goals for each advertising component you want to measure. With forecasting capabilities as intuitive as Morphio’s, you want to set realistic goals for each component. Look at your reporting from your selling platform to see what your unit goals might look like going into the coming month, what you want your average order value to be, and what return on ad spend you would like to see. 

Morphio’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Reporting

For an e-commerce brand that is looking to grow, spending ad dollars needs to be efficient. Handing over ad dollars to an agency can be uncomfortable at first, but having a tool like Morphio adds a level of transparency for you and your agency of choice. Every brand wants to see a significant return on ad spend, and this platform makes tracking that a whole lot easier.

to calculate ROAS:

ROAS = Gross revenue from ad campaign/cost of the ad campaign 

When calculating that number, outline your sales goal for that month and divide it by the ad budget that you wish to spend. BigCommerce has a great and concise way of calculating what that number might look like for your business, and why this is important to know!

Finding a team of skilled digital marketers to take that information from Morphio and optimize ad spending to achieve the best results is KEY! 

Tribu employs the powerful tool that is Morphio to help report detailed analytics that drive the decisions we make with ad dollars provided by our clients. Having a dashboard that is easy to share with our partners and show them our reasoning behind major money moves makes growing our mutual trust all the better! Let us build your business into a brand, and find out more about what we offer as a leading digital marketing agency.

What You Should Expect In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Working with a Digital Marketing agency is a must in 2022 and beyond. As you begin to move your business forward into the digital advertising realm and establish a strong brand, it is imperative to have a strategy outlined. If this is your first time working with an agency, a strategy can sound daunting, but we’re here to walk you through what you should expect in any Digital Marketing Strategy, and why each component is important.

Marketing Goals: Starting with a great foundation

Similar to a house, every Digital Marketing Strategy should start with a great foundation. This foundation should be the Marketing Goals and Objectives that your business is hoping to accomplish as you move forward into transforming into a brand.

Marketing Goals are critical to any great strategy because you must know how the strategy is going to work, and what it is aiming for. These goals should be clear and concise. The more complex the goals are, the further away the achievement of these goals may start to seem.

HubSpot outlines that Marketing Goals/Objectives should answer the questions: What, How, and Why. Arguably the most important question to ask is why

You should always be able to conclude as to why a Marketing Goal is being outlined, so you know what it will accomplish for your business.

We recommend having three, clear and measurable goals. These must always make sense to what your business or brand is trying to achieve, and they must be measurable in order to track success. 

Who Is Your Audience?

Now that you have your Marketing Goals outlined in the strategy, it is important to see who the strategy is going to be communicating to and why.

Your strategist should be able to go over each audience segment that they identified, and give you their thought-process behind why this audience segment is important to target. Inc.com says that target marketing is essential because it allows you to focus your marketing dollars on an audience that is more inclined to buy your product or service. As you build your brand and marketing around it, efficiency is key, especially with ad spending. 

Audience segmentation is important in figuring out who resonates with your brand the most, so defining these different segments and breaking down why marketing efforts are being directed towards them will only help you see the bigger picture for the strategy and its success.


Key Performance Indicators are what the strategy will measure up to, and how you can track the performance of different initiatives.

Each KPI should be partnered with a short definition that outlines what this KPI is and why we are tracking this. Remember that each KPI should be related back to a specific part of the strategy, so you can understand why it is being tracked, to begin with. 

Key Performance Indicators come in all shapes and forms. Some of the most common ones are: Conversion Rate, Brand Awareness, Cost per Acquisition, and Marketing Qualified Leads. As mentioned, there are many different possible KPIs to track, and CoSchedule does a great job in listing examples of KPIs that can be tracked related to the different potential marketing initiatives.

Overall, a Digital Marketing Strategy should make sense to you and what you envision for your business as it evolves into a brand. If each part is explained correctly and thoroughly, most of your questions should be answered. The question we hope is always answered is the why. Why is any of this important to achieve success for your brand? Most importantly, why this Digital Marketing Strategy is projected to work. 

Now it’s time to go and turn your business into a brand! 


Find out more about Tribu’s Marketing Services and to see businesses that we have turned into brands, check out our work.


E-Commerce Trends to Capitalize on 2022

It seems like e-commerce businesses are popping up left and right. But can we blame these digital entrepreneurs? Shoot, considering the industry accounted for 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars of the global economy in 2021, we do not blame them one bit. With positive growth projected, $7.4 trillion by the year 2025 there won’t be any slowing down. 

We love to see growth in our global economy but this inherently means an increase in competition. You can be left questioning, how does my business stand out? Don’t fret! We’ve compiled 5 trends that you should be capitalizing on in 2022. 

Paid Advertising: Social Media 

In 2021, we saw US companies spending right under $57 Billion in paid social advertising through social media platforms. The reality is, if you’re not putting marketing dollars behind paid social media advertising, your competitors are. Exploring different mediums, whether it’s Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Pinterest, can prove beneficial. Depending on your e-commerce business category, certain platforms can prove to be a better investment. We know that with updates released by a certain fruit company *wink* *wink*, the landscape has changed. Nonetheless, paid social advertising is a must. 

Personalized Marketing & Products 

When it comes down to it, as a business owner, you should always be looking to improve the customer experience. Studies have shown 80% of consumers are looking for a personalized experience. Multiple tools will allow you to elevate that experience for your customers through tracking and automation features. Personalized pop-ups, specified follow-up emails, relevant marketing offers, custom product offers, are all means to the ultimate goal. Your ability to make a personal connection can turn one-off customers into loyal brand enthusiasts. 

Social Commerce 

As a new business, brand, or company your presence must be felt on social media. Outside of the previously mentioned paid advertising opportunities, you need to exist in the social media atmosphere. But let’s not get it twisted, simply having an Instagram account for your business is not enough. The content is important, the consistency is important, your tone of voice is important. Developing and executing a social media strategy is a must. Whether it’s sharing user-generated content, using livestream shopping capabilities, partnering with influencers, or creating a dedicated group for your enthusiasts; your social presence deserves resources allocated. Not convinced? What if I told you that social commerce sales are projected to reach $79.6 billion by 2025?

Additional Payment Options 

Let’s keep it simple, more payment options equal more transactions. You invest resources into your website, social media, advertisements; your customer is now ready to make their first purchase and quickly they run into barriers due to a lack of payment options. You have now lost a sale and more importantly, you have lost a potential loyal brand enthusiast. Implementing a diverse payment technology will prove beneficial. You will not only reduce your cart abandonment rate but you will also encourage customers to spend more. Look into introducing interest-free finance techs like Klarna or Sezzle. Depending on your product, providing crypto payment options may also prove beneficial. At a minimum look into integrating options like PayPal, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 

Video. Video. Video

This might not be the first trend you invest in but once you have solidified the ones mentioned above this can be your next step. Envisioning products in the real world based on stagnant imagery is very difficult. You can interact with your product in a very personal way, you know how badass it is. While images can be effective when it comes to showcasing your offerings, seeing your products in action can become the difference between checkout and cart abandonment. Get creative in this realm, unboxing videos may be better suited for physical items, tutorials may be more appropriate for the software you are pushing. Again, you are looking to enhance the customer experience so ask yourself, what makes the most sense for my business? 


Whether you already started your e-commerce operation or you’re looking to start your very first, it’s important to stay on top of emerging trends. Constantly pushing for a better customer experience will allow you to stand out from the competition.