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Avita Apartments – Logo and Graphic Design Elements 

The Avita Apartments’ logo design is inspired by the growth, community, and innovation found there. Learn more about the symbolism involved in this abstract, luxurious logo…

Avita Primary Logo - Graphic Design Elements by Tribu
Avita Secondary Logo - Graphic Design Elements by Tribu

The Avita Apartments are meant to be a symbol of growth, community, and innovation. The logo design reflects these values in an abstract, but luxurious way. Comprised of elements that symbolize these core aspects, this logo aims to stand as a visual representation of the way of life found at the Avita Apartments.

Avita Logo Lock Ups - Graphic Design Elements by Tribu
Avita Logo Color Palette - Graphic Design Elements by Tribu

The people at Avita Apartments requested a few different color palettes for their further development. These color palettes represent the luxury, quality, and honesty that Avita provides their community.

Avita Logo Typography and Fonts - Graphic Design Elements by Tribu

Gotham serves as a neutral font that can be used across several applications, and will not interfere with any of the fonts used in the logo. This will be seen throughout the brand.

Avita Primary Logo - Graphic Design Elements by Tribu
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