Beyond an Identifier – Increasing Brand Recognition with Your Logo

Growing up as an admirer of fashion, I’ve always tried to keep a pulse of what’s going on in the industry. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of bold prints and graphics. Some big brands are even repurposing their logo on their merchandise. Beyond just branding their items, using a logo as a pattern or print elevates their design and increases their brand recognition. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Adidas: Three Stripes

Adidas’s classic three-stripe logo is used on anything from shoes to tracksuits. Without ever seeing an official Adidas logo, you can identify their pants by the three stripes going down the leg.

Louis Vuitton: LV Monogram 

The LV monogram pattern first appeared on their luggage in 1896. The monogram has stood the test of time because of its simplicity. Designers at Louis Vuitton are able to pair the monogram with current trends to keep their collections fresh and relevant. 

Fendi: Double – F Monogram

Fendi’s double-f monogram was born from a paper sketch and originally stood for fun fur. As the company modernized this ideology have related to a playful and innovative spirit. 

A logo can go beyond it’s applications as an identifier for your business and become an integral symbol of your brand. 

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Source: The Heroine, Vogue 

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