Brand Assets Your Business Needs

Standing out among the competition means having defining brand assets. These elements should be unique to your business because they help maintain brand identity and consistency among your target market. Highlighting your vision and values through these assets builds trust with your customers and, if well designed, can create awareness and competitive advantage. But, what exactly are brand assets? Today we’ll cover your top three.


10 West Yoga Primary Logo by Tribu

A logo, by far, may be the most significant representation of a business. A logo is what people first remember when they think of your business and paired with a relevant image, it is the most important asset that helps brand recognition.

Color Palette

Woman Holding a Color Palette

Colors alone can influence 90% of the initial impression and perceptions of those products are formed within the first 90 seconds. Color is power. Different colors are interpreted differently among varying cultures and people. But understanding the psychology behind colors can help build your brand asset into one that both relates to your business and impacts your audience.


Siemens "Ingenuity for Life" Tagline

We’re sure you know of many famous taglines. “Just Do it”, “America runs on Dunkin”, and “You’re in Good Hands” are all taglines we remember and automatically match to specific brands. This powerful asset has the ability to unify your campaigns and company voice. 

Tagline VS Slogan: A tagline is a permanent motto or phrase designed as a permanent expression of a company’s purpose. A slogan in the form of a tagline is usually a representation of a specific product line or marketing campaign.


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