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Captivating Web Design Trends of 2020

Let’s take a look at the best web design trends of 2020 that have evolved from mixing stunning graphic design and innovative web design…

hidden navigation web des

Let’s take a look at the best web design trends of 2020 that have evolved from mixing stunning graphic design and innovative web design and technology. Trends come and go, but these trends will be the stepping stones for new web design in 2021.

1. Dark Mode

Many users have switched their phones to “dark mode” because it is easier on their eyes or simply because they just prefer the aesthetic. Either way, this is becoming a popular option and now most interfaces are giving users the option to switch, so it is no surprise that website designs are following suit.

Some may think that using an overall dark design may be limiting in branding & user experience, but it is actually the opposite. Dark mode can be easily complemented with bright accent colors and easy to read typography due to the strong contrast.

dark mode web design

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2. Photography & Graphics Interaction

Interactive 2D digital graphics interacting with photography creates a memorable visual experience and conveys the message of the brand as personality. The stylization of the graphics and the type of photography used allows this trend to be flexible to brands that want to be cute and fun, or to brands that are sophisticated and professional.

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3. Handwritten, Hand Drawn, & Imperfect

Similar to the trend of the Photo & Graphic Interaction, a popular trend is using design elements that are “human-made” and imperfect. It sounds strange to call a website design imperfect, but these imperfections are purposeful. Their purpose is to convey the brand as fun and whimsical and feels more authentic and not forced. Previous web designs used perfect but impersonable graphics and now users are refreshed by seeing more humanity within websites.

handwritten web design

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4. Hidden Navigations

Navigation menus will always be around, but gone are the days of mega menus. Hidden navigation is a minimal approach and might seem to defeat the purpose of navigation, but it actually can help make your website more successful.

Most of the time, users are navigated to the site through a google search or a marketing effort to a specific page. When they land on your site, it may not be the homepage. With a hidden navigation, they are likely to stay on the current page longer, make it more successful as there is more time for the brand messaging to be seen and understood.

hidden navigation web des

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5. 3D Web Design

Simply put, 3D graphic design elements give a sense of realism that is not normally seen on a flat website design. This trend breaks the norm and tends to give the user an immersion experience. Users will remember an experience that is unique, and in a sea of websites, 3D elements make them fun and memorable.

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