Case Study: Santikos Entertainment – Social Enterprise Awareness Strategy

As Santikos Entertainment’s social media management agency, Tribu has been charged with leading the communication of Santikos Entertainment’s new mission and focus – to give back to the San Antonio community in the form of donations, sponsorships, grants, and programming.

From the beginning (October 2016), communicating this message has been our top priority for Santikos. In formulating a strategy, we realized whatever we came up with had to:

  • Communicate the gravity of Santikos’s new mission – the sheer individual impact of choosing to see a movie at Santikos vs elsewhere
  • Avoid alienating end-users – by pushing too much serious, philanthropic focused content
  • Communicate in a simple, easy-to-understand manner what a Social Enterprise is
  • Never get stale or appear braggadocious

With these factors in mind, we moved forward with a Brand Awareness social ad strategy:

  • Once a week, we launch a seven-day “Brand Awareness” objective ad on Facebook and Instagram, targeted at movie fans living in San Antonio, each focused on a different facet of Santikos’s Social Enterprise mission.
  • To avoid “looking like” an ad, posts are curated third-party media coverage, blog postings, and press-releases already in existence, telling the story of Santikos’s impact in the community
  • Every week, we target the same audience with a fresh piece of curated content

Key to everything is consistency – working feverently to ensure a fresh piece of content is posted and ran as an ad every week – without ever skipping a day.

To our delight, we’ve found this strategy to be highly effective – by running curated third-party media postings, Santikos allows their actions to do the talking.

The response to this campaign has overwhelmingly positive – end users appreciate this type of “smart” content – focused on educating rather selling – focused on actions vs words.

In taking this relentless, consistent, and disciplined approach – the San Antonio community has been peppered with news and information around Santikos’s Social Enterprise efforts daily, for 40 consecutive weeks – without pause. In doing so, hundreds of thousands of San Antonians have been exposed to Santikos’s Social Enterprise message – allowing Santikos to effectively communicate just how far a purchase at Santikos goes vs at other theatres.

Tribu Social Media Strategist

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