Throwback Thursday: Cowboys Get the “W” in Social Media

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Post originally published on 1/22/17

With the NFL season hitting its stretch run, there’s one thing on the minds of football fans everywhere – How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?

With two electric rookies – quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott – lighting the world on fire, there’s reason to believe the Cowboys are the best team in football.

As a diehard ‘Boys fan since 1999, one of my favorite social pages to follow is the Cowboys’ Facebook – not only for keeping up with Cowboy news, but also for its overall social media prowess.

Here’s three things (in no particular order) I love about the Cowboys’ Facebook, both as a Cowboys fan and social media professional:

1)  Its Tone of Voice

When it comes to tone of voice, I’m a stickler for ensuring brands hit that “sweet spot” in tone (eg – sounding enthusiastic, but not too enthusiastic – sounding smart, but not too smart – sounding casual, but not too casual). It’s a fine, delicate balance to create that right brew.

In my mind, the Cowboys get it just right. Sometimes the tone is sober, simple, and clear, while other times there’s a bit more life and edge. In all instances, the Cowboys brand is communicated as one of excellence, professionalism, and for the people.


  2)  Its Website Link Backs

The Cowboys have always done a great job of keeping their fans informed and knowledgeable. Since the early 2000s, has served as a model NFL franchise in delivering unbiased, informative news and opinion pieces, with longtime editors Nick Eatman and feature editor Mickey Spagnola leading the way.

The Cowboys’ Facebook does an impressive job in ensuring every single last bit of rich content of Nick’s, Mickey’s, and the rest of the Cowboys staff of talented writers, is distributed with ruthless efficiency:


While something like posting your own website’s content seems obvious, there’s plenty of big-time businesses that do not distribute their content through Facebook – much less the rest of their social media platforms (or do not have a consistent process in place for doing so). Without a consistent process in place, businesses miss out on a huge opportunity to spread the reach of their content and connect with their customer base.

3) Its Set Processes

Piggy-backing on my previous point, it’s clear the Cowboys have a weekly content posting routine that’s incredibly reliable and consistent. Akin to expecting to see your favorite daily columns in the newspaper on a given day, each day the Cowboys’ page includes content fans can rely on, whether it’s a weekly fan mailbag, post-game pictures, or press conference recaps.

This consistency builds familiarity and loyalty as fans know exactly when, where, and how to get the right information. It takes true organization and discipline to stick to this type of intricate process, day in and day out.


If you’re a Cowboys fan and not following the ‘Boys’ Facebook pages, I highly recommend you give it a follow! Not only is it a great resource for following the Cowboys, it’s also chock full of great examples of how to run a bustling Facebook page.

If you’re interested in seeing how Tribu can help take your brand to new heights on social and adopt some of these cool tactics, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to add you to our Tribe and see how we can help!

Feeling inspired yet? Keep an eye out on our portfolio to see how we’re implementing these trends into our work here at Tribu!

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