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Don’t Sleep on Customer Service

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Most people don’t think about customer service as an extension of marketing but oh are they mistaken! Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the experience your clients have will determine whether or not they continue to do business with you and if they will recommend you to others.

I’m going to tell you a little story…

Recently I purchased a new pair of glasses with Warby Parker. I also had old frames that I wanted to put my new prescription in so I could have two pairs of glasses a girl needs options! I’m the type of person that, if there’s a chat feature on a website, I’m using it before I do any sort of digging on my own. I spoke with a delightful customer service representative, Hugh. He answered all of my questions, took care of my additional purchase, pulled all of my information from my recent purchase with Warby Parker so I wouldn’t have to re-upload or input any info and sent me a pre-paid shipping label to send my frames back before I even asked. This was a fantastic customer service experience.

I enjoyed it so much that I:

  1. Took the time to fill out the post-chat survey
  2. Shared my experience on Twitter (and they responded)
  3. Have told this story to, pretty much, everyone I know
  4. I remembered the customer service representative’s name….

How does this story tie back to marketing? Warby Parker will now be able to use my responses from the survey in their testimonials on their website. They can now use my tweet to share on their social media. And I am a walking commercial, singing their praises every chance I get.

“We all know Customer Service is going to rule over the next 50 years of the economy, right? It’s not about “likes” or “follows,” but rather being likable and followable!” – Peter Shankman

Also, quick kudos to Warby Parker’s corporate team for seeing the value in great Customer Service and rewarding it   In my post-chat survey, Warby Parker ask if Hugh should be rewarded with coffee, lunch or a cash bonus at the end of my survey and you better believe Hugh got a latte on me!

Let Tribu help enhance your customers’ personalized marketing experiences with

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  • Social Media strategy & management
  • Reputation Management

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