Howdy! My name is Brittany. I go by Britt!

I’m obsessed with Search Engine Optimization, copywriting, and brand positioning. You’ll often find me hanging out on the Tribu porch, drinking coffee and planning our next big UX-focused project.

My reading habits include industry reading for work — like the Search Engine Journal! I’m constantly reading case studies to improve my content creation strategy and learn new data that can help me make wiser strategic content.

I have been haunting Webtoon lately — just for fun — and I frequent many Reddit subreddits where writers share candid prompts, ideas, and feedback. I love finding idea-diamonds in the rough and making them brilliant. I’m always ready to bounce around ideas and try new things! Need an SEO-optimized blog written for your startup to gain organic traffic? How ’bout some fresh website copy to capture your view’s attention? Reach out! I would be thrilled to help.


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