High-performance Patient Care Ennoble Logo Design

This project was unique to develop. Ennoble is a one of a kind exclusive concierge hospitalist service for selected primary care physicians in San Antonio, TX. Bridging the gap of care and communication by keeping primary care practitioners informed when a patient visits acute care facilities. This is a brand new service and it needed to stand out from the rest of the typical medical services.

Typically, when we think of medical brands, we think of clean design, white space, and blue to make it feel welcoming. This creates a sterile brand. For Ennoble we wanted to take it a different direction that commanded attention. 

The Logo

The logo evolved though a few concepts but we landed on the caduceus, a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings. The caduceus is a very recognizable symbol associated with the medical industry. This strong connection helped connect luxury to medical services. We took inspiration from high-end car brands like Mercedes and Ferrari. Utilizing darker colors created a luxurious tone, as well as creating a unique voice for Ennoble.

Ennoble logo design

Ennoble logo

Ennoble logo in two colors

Ennoble branded collateral

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