Right Now, Tribu is Hiring. Yay! Growth! So, What’s This Role You Have There?

30,000 FOOT VIEW

Tribu’s Project Manager is responsible for working with minimal supervision to ensure our Tribe Partners’ (clients’) projects get completed on time and on budget. How? By building meaningful relationships with partners, making sure they’re entirely satisfied with the finished product, and maintaining productive communication both internally and externally throughout the entire project.


As a Project Manager, you get to work alongside business owners and marketing professionals in a variety of industries, guiding them through the ins and outs of their projects, and serving as a face of Tribu. This role requires a delicate balance of process and improvisation. Many tasks will be repeatable, but no two days will ever be the same. This role requires good time management and impeccable judgement. Individuals in this position have a keen sense of urgency and thrive on following self-set schedules and timelines. For the right person, this role satisfies those itches you feel for solving problems and celebrating victories – and that deep desire for working with autonomy.


Partner Side

  • Start off new projects by helping put the best foot forward for the agency
  • Manage partner meeting schedule and expectations for timely and regular communication
  • Provide partner with regular status updates and progress reports on scope completion in a prompt manner
  • Manage any necessary vendor communication and coordination with discretion
  • Proactively develop solutions for partner challenges, issues and opportunities
  • Protect the value of the agency, communicate and celebrate successes with partners

Tribe Side

  • Ensure complete understanding of project scope and roadmap for project success
  • Work with the project tribe to oversee workflow and implementation processes, ensuring that internal agency resources are effectively utilized
  • Gather and organize content and assets developed internally
  • Track assignments/progress and support in obtaining resources needed to complete work
  • Manage internal review and approval processes (quality control)
  • Anticipate and solve issues early


The Hard Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree in Marketing, Communication, Business, or related field.
  • We don’t particularly like listing years of experience because we don’t believe all experience is equal, but at least 2ish years of work are preferred.
  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills are a must.
  • Brownie points for having some experience with project management tool(s) (ability and willingness to learn one are required).

The Soft Requirements

  • Tough conversations and unique challenges don’t intimidate you. You understand the goal and will do what it takes to get there.
  • You have a discerning eye for strong creative design and compelling copy. When you see work that’s not up to standard, you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and you’ll send it back until it’s right.
  • Deadlines and pressure don’t scare you. You’re working with entrepreneurs and killer marketing departments and their pressure is our pressure too.
  • You’re comfortable knowing your workload will fluctuate. It’s not always 9 to 5. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not.
  • You like the idea of small company with big company style compensation perks, like healthcare and retirement savings options (with eligibility).
  • You value an awesome office vibe, where there isn’t a strict dress code and there’s a culture club to plan events like pumpkin painting and secret Santa. You can contribute positive vibes.
  • You prefer to be busy over bored. The days, weeks, months, and years go by very fast here. You will almost never have to wait for the clock.
  • You’re looking to collaborate with an insanely stellar Tribe daily – a group full of high performers that like to solve problems, share smarts, and bring epic stuff to life.
Other Stuff?
  • This is a salaried and full-time position.
  • Tribu is an equal opportunity employer.
What is Tribu?

Tribu is a digital and design agency in San Antonio, Texas. We build “tribes” for our Tribe Partners (what most would call “Clients”). We’re award winning (over 70 wins in our seven years of business) and progressive. We believe in breaking stuff and pushing boundaries, productively. We like innovation, technology (namely, the internet), and stellar design. We use all the fine knowledge we’ve gained from pressing mysterious buttons, some formal education, past “work” experience, and life in general to 1) build the best brands for our Tribe Partners and 2) ideate and execute digital marketing campaigns with highly measurable ROI. Those two efforts equal our outcome: we inspire tribes…that is, groups of people. So basically, we inspire people (and some people call it advertising).

What’s Our Culture Like, You Wonder?

It’s laid-back in the sense that we wear what we want to the office (on most days) but it’s hustle, smarts, and grit that bonds our high performers and allow us to constantly celebrate victories with and for our Tribe Partners. We have problems too, like most companies, but our favorite thing about our culture is that we solve those problems together – we’ve got each other’s backs. We’re a Tribe. We’re humble and we hardcore believe in #workhardplayhard. We practice candor, deep respect, and enjoy the occasional office masseuse. Also, we welcome pups. We like breakfast tacos, dance parties, and witty puns or clever shenanigans. Laughter is prevalent here. Oh yeah, and we’re small but mighty – about 14 Tribe Members strong right now. Therefore, we know each other well and we like that too. Last but not least, we all know what #TribeLove means and while we embrace constant change #TribeLove and our desire to be surrounded by high performers are our unwavering constants.




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