Right Now, Tribu is Hiring. Yay! Growth! So, What’s This Role You Have There?

Tribe Graphic/Web Designer. Basically, these individuals are responsible for three things:


Designing stunning websites
(Collaborating with a stellar Tribe)


Bring your designs to life
(in WordPress)


Update and maintain stunning websites to maximize traffic and speed

The Best of 2 Worlds – Web Design at Tribu is all about the balance of great graphic design and stellar execution when it comes to build (bringing that awesome vision to life). This position will constantly challenge you as a front-end web designer. You’ll get to work with all sorts of different projects, big and small, evolving your UX knowledge and turning great ideas into real concepts, but most importantly, you’ll be problem-solving so every website is as effective (and beautiful) as it can be. You can think like an engineer, and problems excite you because that means there are solutions and opportunities to be uncovered.

This role requires the following of process in order to ensure best practices but has more than enough room for experimentation and autonomy to make your work shine. This position is timeline-driven and thrives on following self-set schedules and timelines. This role requires good time management, and individuals who enjoy this will thrive and succeed because they will have time allocated to their creativity and development.

Last but not least individuals in this position respond well to pressure, are self-aware, and are high performers – ultimately, they are creative and the makers of visually functional knocks-your-socks-off end-products.

No, really, what does a Tribe Web Designer do?

Here’s a couple of examples of design and website execution:

The Requirements?

Because we’ve got to have some.

  • A Degree in Graphic/Web Design/Creative Communication Media.
  • 2 or more years of relevant experience.
  • Proficiency in HTML & CSS.
  • A Stunning Portfolio of Work (we welcome your print graphics too, other media alongside past web work is encouraged).
  • Curiosity is a must.
  • Brownie points for having some experience with WordPress.
  • Glitches and problems excite you, instead of overwhelm you. Troubleshooting is your middle name (not really, but you get it).

The Challenges?

Bring it on!

  • Deadlines are everywhere.
  • Sometimes the unexpected happens and you have to respond to it. None of us get to choose when the unexpected happens.
  • The workload fluctuates. It’s not always 9 to 5. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not.
  • Sometimes things will break on your websites. Don’t panic and troubleshoot away, Soldier!
  • It’s part of the fun but it’s also a challenge – you will never have the same day twice.


The Rewards?

Now that you know the challenges, let’s get back to the good stuff.

  • You help build brands and craft websites that change the world. You inspire people for a living.
  • You are instrumental in helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and you get to work with them all the time (also, with some really brilliant marketing teams). You will learn so much from them as well as Tribu.
  • Because we like data, you can actually see your Websites working. That moment you see those numbers tick upwards is so exciting and gratifying it’s hard to put in words.
  • You will get to see innovative ideas for top-secret projects before the masses do and make their website as innovative and interesting for the world to see!
  • You get to collaborate with the insanely stellar Tribe daily. That’s a group full of high performers that like to solve problems, share smarts, and bring epic stuff to life.
  • We’re a small company but our compensation perks are big company style. We offer healthcare and retirement savings options (with eligibility).
  • Our office vibe is awesome. And there isn’t really a dress code.
  • We have a culture club and it’s pretty fun. Our next activity is Ugly Sweater Competition. We don’t know how it will go, but we know it will be insanely funny.
  • At least a couple times a week someone brings donuts or tacos. Therefore, on those days you get to eat breakfast twice (it’s optional).
  • The days, weeks, months, and years go by very fast here. You will almost never have to wait for the clock.
What is Tribu?

Tribu is a digital and design agency in San Antonio, Texas. We build “tribes” for our Tribe Partners (what most would call “Clients”). We’re award winning (over 70 wins in our seven years of business) and progressive. We believe in breaking stuff and pushing boundaries, productively. We like innovation, technology (namely, the internet), and stellar design. We use all the fine knowledge we’ve gained from pressing mysterious buttons, some formal education, past “work” experience, and life in general to 1) build the best brands for our Tribe Partners and 2) ideate and execute digital marketing campaigns with highly measurable ROI. Those two efforts equal our outcome: we inspire tribes…that is, groups of people. So basically, we inspire people (and some people call it advertising).

What’s Our Culture Like, You Wonder?

It’s laid-back in the sense that we wear what we want to the office (on most days) but it’s hustle, smarts, and grit that bonds our high performers and allow us to constantly celebrate victories with and for our Tribe Partners. We have problems too, like most companies, but our favorite thing about our culture is that we solve those problems together – we’ve got each other’s backs. We’re a Tribe. We’re humble and we hardcore believe in #workhardplayhard. We practice candor, deep respect, and enjoy the occasional office masseuse. Also, we welcome pups. We like breakfast tacos, dance parties, and witty puns or clever shenanigans. Laughter is prevalent here. Oh yeah, and we’re small but mighty – about 14 Tribe Members strong right now. Therefore, we know each other well and we like that too. Last but not least, we all know what #TribeLove means and while we embrace constant change #TribeLove and our desire to be surrounded by high performers are our unwavering constants.




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