How Dating Rules Apply to Email Marketing

You read that right. Email marketing can (unintentionally) teach you some good dating rules! Here’s how.

Most marketers will tell you that you shouldn’t send more than one email per week, max. That’s because you don’t want to flood people’s inbox with your content, unless you’re just that cool and you can get away with it or you’re sending to a highly-engaged crowd (we’ll get into that later).

That same rule can be applied to dating (with some time adjustments). You don’t overdo (or underdo) your communications with your partner. Overdoing texts and flooding your partners’ messages is a good way to get yourself blocked or ignored.

Send emails or updates every day will get you marked as spam or even worse, have your sending email address blacklisted. Being blacklisted will get you blocked from your email marketing platform because when you have a bad email sending score, you’re affecting your marketing platform as well.

Finding the happy medium where in email marketing (and dating) is the best way to stay engaged with your readers and maintain a healthy relationship.

That “Happy” Medium 

Somewhere between too little and too much is that happy medium where your subscribers welcome your emails to their inbox and regularly engage with your content.

This is referred to as the happy medium (our unofficial name) for email marketers. Getting here isn’t easy. It requires you to analyze data and experiment with different send times on different days of the week before you start to see a pattern with your subscribers.

When you first start dating, you’re also searching for a happy medium between you and your partner. You don’t want to message or call them too much and annoy them, but you also don’t want to do it too little and send the wrong impression or be forgotten.

Similar to analyzing data and email marketing results, you study your partner’s actions to make sure that you’re not bugging them when you message or call them in between dates.

Think of every email send as a date. Is your content keeping readers engaged or interested? Or are they unsubscribing as soon as they open your emails? If it’s the ladder, this is a classic case of “it’s not you, it’s me” or “they’re just not that into you.” That’s okay, not everyone is going to be engaged with your brand and some will leave your subscriber base once they collect their reward.

These are some of the ways that email marketing and dating are similar. They’re both hard to navigate (at first) and require the right amount of attention before you have an established relationship.

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