Love, Iliana: Tribu’s High School Intern

For the past year, I had the privilege of being a mentor to a high school student interested in the field of digital marketing. One afternoon a week, Iliana shadowed me and other members of the Tribe to learn what marketers do. We recently had the pleasure of watching her present what she learned during her time at Tribu.

As her mentor, it is bias of me to say Iliana’s presentation was amazing, even if she knocked it out of the f’n park. I was particularly impressed by her response to a question from one of the audience members.

“Knowing what you know now from your time with Tribu, how is digital marketing different than what you thought it was going to be?”

Iliana: “Great question audience member.”

I always enjoy questions that cause pause and real thought before answering. Her response left me almost in tears, and I hope that her response echoes how our Tribe partners feel and help those seeking marketing help understand what Tribu is capable of.

Iliana: “I’ve learned that there’s a difference between advertising and digital marketing. While advertising seems to be pushing a sale or a product, at Tribu digital marketing has a purpose and that purpose is to make an impact. They work hard and spend a lot of time on branding, headlines, tag lines and more to make sure each piece of a brand leaves a real impact on the world. And that’s why we’ll always need digital marketers like Tribu. Even if computers can develop things like tag lines for us, nothing will be able to develop something that will resonate with an audience like a marketer can.”

Can I get a round of applause? Can I get a hallelujah? Amen!

After 10 months of mentoring this Iliana, to hear her deliver that response makes me incredibly proud of the atmosphere we foster at Tribu.

Digital marketing gives brands the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with their fans and consumers. Whether it be through social media, sending a party to their inbox, or delighting through a thoughtful site development – the goal at Tribu is to connect, delight and build Tribes.

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