How Sunglasses and Speakers Are Changing the World for Consumers

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Today, consumers have the ability to get whatever they want almost instantly with seemingly no effort required.

In fact, this desire for instant gratification is so strong many brands have been left scrambling to develop new ways to serve consumers faster and faster. The giants of the consumer world, such as Snapchat and Amazon, have already tapped into this market demand and it’s critical that we learn from their success.

Snapchat consumes mobile users

Snapchat’s Play To Stay

As of February 2, 2017, there were 2.5 billion Snaps sent per day. That’s an average of 9,000 Snaps per second. It’s impossible to try to comprehend the sheer volume of user-generated content Snapchat handles a day. And yet, Snapchat has found a way to hook users in even more.

Snapchat glasses, known as “Spectacles”, record 10-second videos at the touch of a button and share it directly to a user’s story via Bluetooth on their phone. The simple genius behind Spectacles is so great it’s painful. Snapchat has managed to increase consumer gratification while drastically decreasing the amount of effort required.  

Woman Holds New Packages

Amazon Redefines Online Shopping

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Echo speaker have quickly found their way into America’s households. I saw a tweet the other day that left me shook from truth.

“People in the 60’s – the government is going to wiretap our houses.
Millennials today – hey government wiretap, order me some more batteries.”

Without having to stop what they are doing consumers can get products delivered to their door. Amazon is also leading the way in fast free shipping and is working hard on providing consumers with two-hour shipping, an impressive leap from the already loved 2-day shipping.

Everyone Has A Shot At Success

As a brand, you can no longer expect much of anything from your consumer. In fact, you must be the one working to give your consumer everything they know they need and even more of what they don’t know they need yet. If you are not producing the content and technology that eliminates all consumer hurdles (no matter how seemingly small they may be), then you will not reach the success you so desperately chase.

At Tribu it is a daily challenge (good thing we live for challenges) to develop cutting-edge strategies that shorten conversion processes and maximize consumer gratification. Consumers are officially spoiled and it is brands who are holding the cookie jar.

You don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar company to enjoy success, there is room for all aggressively smart players in the digital sphere. 

Tribu is proud to be an ambitious trailblazer of strategy for the marketing of tomorrow.

If it’s a game-changing strategy you want, we’re the partner you need. We are as hungry for your success as you are (maybe more).

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