Don’t sleep on influencer marketing – Grow 2020

Looking into Influencer Marketing

Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Now that the new year is in full swing, it’s time to hit the ground running with the last Grow 2020 video for you.

In the last few videos, we’ve covered how inbound marketing, email marketing, and video can help your company grow during this fiscal year. Another key marketing trend you should have your eye on for 2020? Influencer marketing.

Don’t believe me? 80% of marketers found that influencer marketing has helped them grow their business, and over half of the online population follow some sort of influencer on social media. Here at Tribu, we use influencer marketing to help our Tribe Partners attract their ideal target audiences and boost brand awareness.

Check out this Video

This is the last Grow 2020 video for now, but if you’re interested in learning more information about how digital marketing can help you grow your business this year, let’s get connected.

I hope these videos provided some value & got your gears turning for 2020. With some solid, thought out digital marketing, I have no doubt that your company will grow this year.

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