New Product Lines Created from Beauty Influencers Collaborations

Brands like Coca Cola, MAC and Nike have collaborated with celebrities for years to connect to different audiences. Social media influencers have become a growing aspect of many digital marketing campaigns. Audiences resonate with influencers because they often interact with them on multiple platforms. This allows users to feel like they are apart of an influencer’s daily life.

As social media influencers become an authority in the digital marketing space, companies are looking at new strategies to leverage their loyal fan base, increase engagement, and create social buzz. The beauty industry has invited influencers into their brainstorms and given them the resources and creative control to create new product lines inspired by fresh ideas.

The benefits of this type of collaboration are felt across the board. The companies get the opportunity to launch new products that are inspired by real customers. Influencers are excited to create content about products they have a hand in creating. Their fan base is more motivated to engage with the product because they feel as if they are directly supporting the influencer’s work.

Check out how Pixi by Petra and ColourPop Cosmetics use this strategy to their advantage.

Pixi by Petra

This year Pixi launched a influencer campaign with Chloe Morello, Dulce Candy, and Weylie Hoang. Each influencers created unique products with their own twist, while keeping with the brand’s look and feel. The #pixipretties have their own distinct following allowing Pixi to reach a larger more diverse audience.

ColourPop Cosmetics

Taking a more long term approach, ColourPop has released multiple collaborations with influencers such as makeupbyshayla, ellarie, and KathleenLights throughout the year. Each released has it own theme and product line up.