Sustainable Brands – Creating a Positive Impact for Your Business and the Planet

Every year climate change and protecting our planet becomes a more pressing issue in the news. Unexplainable natural disasters and increases in temperature variation have made protecting our plant a bigger priority for the everyday consumer. Many people have pointed the finger at businesses to take responsibility for the impact their supply chain has on the environment. Here are some examples of brands pioneering this positive change.  


Patagonia is one of the first brands I was introduced to that was environmentally conscious. Since the company’s inception, they have put the plant first. From their operation to their product, Patagonia is “in business to save our home planet.”


Earlier this year, Adidas announced their goal is to produce zero plastic waste by replacing the use of virgin polyester with entirely recycled polyester by 2024. Adidas’s innovation team also announced the design of Loop, a shoe made from 100% recyclable materials. 


H&M is actively working to integrate sustainability into its business. They created Conscious, a product line made from organic and sustainable materials. H&M also created a global garment collecting initiative. Customers can drop off their unwanted clothes and receive a 15% discount off their next purchase. These clothes are then recycled for a new life.

Adopting sustainable practices not only positively impacts the planet but also establishing your business as a pioneer of change. Making the investment to become environmentally and socially responsible will set your business apart from competitors and can help you win over new customers.

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