The 2018 Tribe Retreat in Concan TX

Tribu Annual Retreat


We packed our bags, loaded up our cars and drove two hours west to our Airbnb in Concan, Texas for the 2018 Tribe Retreat.

Waiting for us was this beautiful, modern yet rustic house in the middle of nowhere with our own private pool, hot tub and a fridge full of food. Some of us arrived sooner than others (our accountant Shaady drove around for two hours without phone service trying to find it). Once settled, our CFO Jason cooked us a steak dinner and we drank, talked and enjoyed our new surroundings before passing out for the evening.


We woke up to the smell of bacon – the managers were in the kitchen cooking up yet another feast #ServantLeaders. After this, it was time for some fresh air and team building activities at Garner State Park, where we had way too much fun acting like children again. We played kickball, hiked up a rocky hill and paddled our feet in the river. Being in the digital marketing industry, we spend the majority of our time indoors with our faces behind a screen, so this was a great way for us to practice teamwork in a different environment.

Later that evening we sat around the fireplace and engaged in a 3-hour group discussion. We answered deep questions such as ‘what is human connection?’ and ‘if you didn’t physically need any sleep, what would you do with the spare time?’. As well as this, we strategized some big ideas for our Partners for 2019.


We left the Tribe retreat on Sunday with achy legs, tired brains and stomachs full of too much food – but we also made amazing memories, forged stronger relationships and set ourselves some big goals for the year ahead. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Want to partner up in 2019? Send us a note, we’d love to welcome you to our tribe.

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