The Benefits of Showcasing Company Culture in Your Content

Company Culture. It’s an integral part of business, and a popular term amongst millennials. But what is it exactly? Often referred to as the shared values, standards and practices that characterize an organization, it is the intangible element that determines how employees act in their workspace.

Whether strategically implemented or not, it’s there, so why not use it to your advantage and showcase it in your content? There are a variety of different ways this can be achieved popular examples include pictures or videos of employees on their birthdays, dogs in the office and fun interior features such as ping pong tables and wall art. Allowing consumers to see who and where they’re buying from is becoming increasingly more important in order to build trust. So, if you’re not already showing the world what goes on behind closed doors, here’s why you should:

Makes Your Brand More Personable

Using content to showcase your company culture shows the human element of your brand. By putting faces to a name, telling stories and giving buyers a glimpse inside the working environment, it allows customers and prospects to build trust and develop an emotional connection, which ultimately helps nurture leads and increase sales. Remember, “people buy from people!”

Attracts Talent

Money doesn’t buy happiness, and millennials know this best. On average, they would be willing to give up $7,600 in salary every year for a job that provides a better company culture for them.

By creating content that shows appreciation for employees and gives insight to how the business runs, it can help position the company as a desirable place to work, and thus, attract the best talent. This content can be further utilized in the recruitment process, too – add it to the careers page on your website!

Creates Competitive Advantage

Company culture builds brand identity. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors, and the best thing about it is that it cannot be duplicated quite like a product, service or price point can. Your culture is unique to you.

Think about the Instagram pages of two different agencies. They both provide useful content infographics, examples of their work, and inspiring quotes. However, one of them also shows behind the scenes footage and shares inspiring stories about its employees. You’re going to want to work with the agency that showcases its culture because it positions itself to be more human and approachable. It isn’t always about the end result, it’s about the journey you take to get there and the relationships you built along the way.

Company culture matters. It sustains employee enthusiasm, promotes innovation and ultimately it increases your bottom line by giving people a reason to want to work with you. So, if you haven’t already incorporated it into your content strategy, now is the time. And if you don’t have a content strategy – we can help! Contact us today.

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