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The Power of Having a Tribe

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Having a tribe saves advertising cost in the long run…

Ask people how many iMac commercials they’ve seen this year? Probably none. Apple doesn’t have to spend 90 million dollars on TV campaigns and Radio ads for the iMac to be a success; their tribe does the talking for them. Apple’s profit rose 78% in 2010, and every time they released a product the press went into a frenzy for the fastest and most on-point story. Apple didn’t need to rely on television commercials for stimulus or exposure. Their Tribe did it for them.

Tribes speak on your behalf and their messages are more powerful than your advertisements.

No matter how many TV/radio ads you see for a certain product/service, it’ll never be aspowerful as a recommendation your best friend gave you. Tribes are the most powerful campaign an organization can have. They are the human campaign, and the messages they spread don’t come with an “expiration” date and are much more impactful.

Having a tribe shows the world that your business has a soul and establishes trust and credibility.

In a world of skeptics and a growing lack of trust from today’s consumers (don’t believe me? Just look outside Wall Street and count the protesters) it’s important to communicate the benefits of your business and let people see your soul. If your business has a Tribe it’s like communicating to the world that you’ve touched people strongly enough to side with you and your mission. Your Tribe is walking proof that your business has a purpose and can be trusted to deliver.

Tribe’s empower your target audience and your organization.

Arguably, the communication you’ll receive from your Tribe may be Tribu’s greatest gift to any single one of our partners. Having a Tribe means you don’t have to pay millions for marketing research and to answer day-to-day operational questions or even the long-term ones. You just need to ask your Tribe. Tribe’s are empowered groups of people that are willing to share and actually yearning to be part of a conversation with you. Having earned their loyalty, they will probably be more than willing to give you honest answers. Imagine the ease of running your business with less ambiguity. Imagine knowing exactly how your consumer’s wish you’d improve a product line or a service offering. Imagine the power in that. An empowered and properly organized Tribe can offer you information that you couldn’t purchase for any amount of cash.

If you don’t start a Tribe your competitor will.

Tribe’s set you apart from the competition. They establish loyalty, suggesting that members of a Tribe aren’t going to so easily stray to your competition. If you don’t have a Tribe and your competitor does…uh oh.

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