To use emojis in your email subject line, or not – that is the question!

Emojis are a legitimate form of communication in our world. They have the ability to communicate emotion, movement and simple thoughts in a quick and efficient manner. Plus, they’re fun! It’s a no-brainer content marketers have started incorporating them into their email strategy. But is this the right marketing move for your biz? Check out our 3 things to consider:

1. Subject-matter

What is your email about? A professional business consultancy providing valuable insights on how to grow a company’s revenue by 30% this summer wouldn’t want to preview their message with ☀️👙. But for a fireworks company celebrating America’s independence, emojis makes total sense! Make sure the message matches the emotion being previewed in your subject line.

2. Audience

Older audiences may not appreciate – or understand – why you’ve included a 💩on their email about how diet can affect your mood. Make sure the demographic you’re speaking to is accustomed to using emojis or else your communication will be lost in translation.

3. Industry

What industry you’re in is especially important when deciding whether or not emojis are a good communication tactic. A doctor’s office probably shouldn’t be using the syringe emoji when reminding their patients to come in for blood work. But the expansion of a whiskey’s national distribution? Throw a rocks glass and American flag in the subject line to entice the reader to open their email and see what it’s all about. 

If your email has a light-hearted subject matter, an appropriate audience and you’re in an emoji-friendly industry, adding emojis to your subject lines can help your email stick out from the rest and increase your open rate, meaning you just got more eyes on your message than before.

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