Tribu’s Work with the Edwards Aquifer Authority

In February I was asked to create a recap/case study of results we had generated for one of our beloved clients, the Edwards Aquifer Authority, that we had helped to achieve up until that point.

The format of the overview was simple:

1) Our challenge

2) Scope of work

3) Results

I love this format because of how simple, short, and to-the-point it is – readers are easily able to see what our challenge was, what we had to work with, and what we achieved.

I really enjoyed putting together this recap – the Tribe did an amazing job in generating these eye-popping results. I’m proud to say we continue to do great work for the Edwards Aquifer Authority and are constantly trying to push ourselves to do better than before.

Client: Edwards Aquifer Authority


  • Inject new life into the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s social media presence
  • Generate interest, curiosity, and understanding of the Edwards Aquifer and the Edwards Aquifer Authority’s role as a state agency
  • Serve as graphic design team for business critical projects, including educational infographics, campaign logos

Scope of Work:

  • Social Media Management, including paid ad management
  • Graphic Design


  • Consistent relevant, entertaining, informative organic and paid educational content (10.5 months worth) posted from start of contract through February (education, contests) directed at Edwards Aquifer region residents and stakeholders

o   Facebook (Primary Platform) Results: 4/1/17 – 2/13/18

  • Increased Facebook followership by 2,626 (63% increase)
  • Published 298 on-page postings – consistent weekly cadence
  • 42,328 engagements (up 690% from prior 10.5 month span)
    • 5,520 shares generated (up 174% from prior 10.5 month span)
    • 1,901 comments (up 478% from prior 10.5 month span)
  • 3,221 link clicks generated (up 118% from prior 10.5 month date span)
  • 4,677 average daily unique individuals reached (up 620% from prior 10.5 month span)
  • 2,015,955 impressions (up 350% from prior 10.5 month span)
  • 4 Month #AquiferAdventure Photo Contest: 21 Entries
  • February Water Quality Hashtag Contest:  77 Entries (through 2/14)
  • Successfully completed graphic design requests to satisfaction of client, including educational infographics targeted at general public and Edwards Aquifer Authority’s stakeholders (well owners and regulatory community), designed “#DoYouKnowH2O” educational campaign logo

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