Which Athletic Shoe Brand are You?

Nike @nike

Nike takes a lifestyle approach to their content. Nike using their Instagram feed to tell a story about their brand story, athletic brand ambassadors, and their everyday users. Their content has an organic, user-generated feel.


Adidas @adidas

Adidas uses a mix of lifestyle and product-focused content in their feed. In the snapshot, you see the launch of a new sneaker, the announcement of a new collaboration, and features from their artist and athletic brand ambassadors.

Puma @puma

Puma also favors the lifestyle approach. Posts are centered around fashion influencers, athletic and artist brand ambassadors and content looks like it could be user-generated.

New Balance @newbalance

New Balance incorporates illustrations and imagery to break up their feed. They primarily highlight their athletic and artist brand ambassador while mixing in product-focused content.


Reebok @reebok

Reebok takes a product-focused approach. Much of their content promotes specific products and brand ambassadors in styled shots.

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