Why Newsletters are Important for Your Company

Newsletters, you know, those emails companies send out to let you know what’s coming up, what sales are going on, and other fun stuff you want people to know about for the month. We receive newsletters from our restaurants, our rewards programs, our banks, and everything in between. It’s easy for companies to discredit newsletters and forgo them altogether. What you should know though, is newsletters are really important in the grand scheme of things.

To put it simply, a newsletter is another tool that builds relationships with customers and potential customers to maintain regular contact with them.

Here are a few reasons why a company should adopt or enhance its email marketing efforts:


A regularly scheduled newsletter, whether weekly or monthly, helps companies increase their brand awareness and understanding of their services and products they offer. Sure, they can always look at your social media or your website, but a newsletter is sent directly to your customers instead of them seeking your news out.

For your current customers, this helps them to keep you at the forefront of their minds for enter service here. They may not have seen that Instagram post about your volunteer efforts or kicka$$ anniversary celebration, but they may open the email you sent out.


Do you have a new product, service or an amazing event coming up that you want people to purchase tickets in advance for? You know what could help with all of this? You guessed it, newsletters! They create another avenue of relaying messages and reminding people of promotions they may have seen on social media but forgot about until they saw that email. They may already be expecting to see that monthly or weekly email come in, so they can expect some updates from your company.

Targeted Messaging

Unlike social media or your website, an email newsletter is capable of targeting your exact audience. This means you can have one newsletter tailored to your current customers and another one slightly tweaked to capture the attention of your potential customers. AND you’re seeding the message directly to them!

In Conclusion

Newsletters are important! They help maintain a level of awareness, promotion, and uniqueness for your brand. They are great for current and future customers. Newsletters also reach your audience at a faster speed. Thus, your company messaging is always timely and effective.

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