3 CPG Brands Killing the Game

It’s time to head to the grocery store…

The minute you walk through the automatic doors, you are now a pawn in a game controlled by consumer packaged good advertisers. The prize? Making you believe you made the decision to “add to cart” all on your own.

Think about how many brands exist within a single grocery store. Now imagine the full team of sales, marketing, and advertising experts working together to get you to pick their item up off the shelf. Sounds like a lot of noise, right? We wanted to take a moment to highlight a few CPG brands we think are doing a bang-up job of cutting through the clutter. 

King Arthur Baking Company

There is no all-purpose, bleached content over here. Known for their flour, King Arthur Baking Company has discovered their customer’s true desire; learning how to perfect the craft of baking.  They have used their thought leadership in the baking community to become one of the top-grossing flour brands in the U.S.

Brands that are killing it

Yellow Bird

For Yellow Bird hot sauce, the secret is quite literally in the sauce. This Austin, TX-based company utilizes marketing as bold as their sauce. From bright colors to clever copy, Yellow Bird’s marketing packs a flavor that can be tasted nationwide.

brands that are killing it

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

As consumers, we all like to believe we would never pay extra for fancy packaging. If you’ve ever purchased Mrs. Meyer’s product, I am sorry to tell you that you have. But rightfully so, there is a reason cleaning products typically live underneath the sink. The Meyer’s team developed a product and packaging that households across the country would proudly display. 

social media grid. Branding that is killing it

Ultimately, getting your product to cut through the clutter of everyday CPG marketing and into the consumer’s shopping cart takes a team of marketing geniuses.  Now I won’t say we are any Einstein, but Tribu’s experience and track record in the CPG game have us looking for a brand to win the next Nobel Peace Prize with.

All jokes aside, if you are looking for an expert marketing team with CPG savviness, Tribu’s your team.  

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