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3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts of Email Marketing

Following these 6 guidelines will make your email marketing campaign interesting, engaging, and help generate a high ROI…

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Is it your first time setting up email marketing for your company or a client? Have you been writing marketing emails for a while but seeing limited results? While some might view email marketing as a complementary tool, it really is a crucial, systematic method to keep your clients informed, interested, and engaged.

Whether it’s your first time writing a marketing email, or you’re experienced and are just looking for a few concise quick tips and tricks, this handy list of Do’s and Don’ts will set you on the path to growing your brand and maximizing ROI!

DoCompare and contrast all platform options 

It is important when email marketing to choose the platform that best fits your needs. It may be tempting to select the biggest brand names like Mailchimp or Hubspot. However, while a service like Mailchimp offers a free plan with a flexible sliding pricing scale depending on the number of contacts and emails, Mailchimp’s workflow can be convoluted, especially when creating a several-step automation path. For platforms that may not provide the best support or have the most advanced technology, but have clear workflows, check out platforms like Get Response or SendinBlue.

Don’tForget to receive permission to send marketing emails

This is a critical step to great ROI, and more importantly, following the law. It is critical that when you send a marketing email you only send it to individuals that have specifically opted in. “Opting in” can refer to anything from filling out a form to clicking a link that prompts you to subscribe or learn more. In this way, email marketing platforms may feel limited since you are emailing people who have already entered the customer journey funnel and expressed interest. To make sure you get the best possible results, make sure this opt-in method has the clearest possible instructions and information targeting your desired end client to maximize your lead and ROI potential. 

Do Include a newsletter opt-in to keep your end user in the loop

If you are using email marketing automation or generally using email marketing to turn leads into conversions, make sure to include links to or embed snippets of newsletters. Whether marketing for B2B or B2C, providing the end user newsletter information (recent company updates, blog posts, and mission/vision statements) establishes clearer information about your brand and establishes legitimacy; it gives the end user a better idea that you have the solution to their problem. It’s important that a newsletter is not the entirety of the content of your email marketing path but is an important supplement that provides interesting and engaging information.

Don’tHave many calls to action (CTAs) on several different web pages

Filling up web pages with as many CTAs, or calls to action, as possible is a strategy popular with SEO enthusiasts but is not the solution for email marketing. You want to give your end user a clear path from the first word to the last letter. Emails should provide them with information to help them in their decision, and should conclude with one clear, eye-catching button or graphic that the user must click to take the next steps. Popular CTAs in email marketing include, “Order Now,” “Book an appointment,” “Sign up today,” and more. Any other secondary CTAs included in an email should take up very little written space compared to your one main CTA. Make sure your primary CTA is the best because it is the difference between a conversion and a missed opportunity.

DoUse a clear, concise, and personalized subject line

After you have written the email marketing content of your email it is important to carefully choose an email subject line. Remember – the email subject line could be the difference between the end user clicking on your email and reading about your business and not. In essence, the email subject line is your elevator pitch (and a very short one at that). We recommend you use no more than 60 in your subject line (approximately one sentence). This subject line should best summarize your business, brand, and business offer while still being engaging. We know it’s a challenge, but it pays big dividends! When in doubt, be authentic. 

Don’t Include too much text or write too formally

Before you send out your marketing emails, be sure to check your tone of voice and structure of information. The degree of formality will depend on your particular business, but do not get bogged down in providing every detail with perfect writing. Marketing emails should have an even tradeoff between written content and eye-catching design. Don’t include the 150-word paragraphs that you would find in a college essay. Sometimes fewer words are more; keep in mind the directionality in your writing. Lead the user from interest to click on the CTA. Make sure to keep the tone of voice light; you want your potential customers or clients to feel understood and excited. Create that connection with your words and you are well on your way to successful ROI-producing email marketing. 

Remember, above all else, keep your eyes on the prize; create an ROI-generating email marketing campaign that takes your customer or client from interested to hooked!

And if you ever need to refer back to this as a checklist, we have you covered:

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