New Site, Who’s This – 3 Tips To Create An Award-Winning Website

As 2020 (AKA the longest year ever) slowly creeps to an end, many companies are wrapping up their year strong and preparing for 2021. Our Tribe is no different – just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve launched an email newsletter (you can subscribe here), we’ve racked up a few more awards (#Inc5000 🔥), and if you’ve visited our website lately, you might have noticed we’ve made a few changes….or maybe a ton. 

Our Tribe recently launched a new website and we thought there would be no better way to celebrate than by sharing some tips as to what goes into making a successful website through a quick, 4-part video series. Check out the first video below:

hailey wilson tips for websites

Check out this video:

For the next video, we’ll be diving into the importance of having a strategy in place when creating a new website. A solid web strategy can help you improve your lead generation, increase your sales, and best of all, help you ignite your Tribe.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency that can help you take your website to the next level, you’re in the right place. Let’s get connected! 

P.S. Fun fact, we are listed on Design Rush

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