3 Ways to Level Up Your Website’s User Experience

Utilitilize White Space

The urge by many business owners to fill up every inch of available space on a website is real. However, white space increases legibility and enables users to focus their attention. In fact, a study by Crazy Egg found that white space around titles and headings increases user attention by 20%.

Create web pages that are easy to scan

Legibility plays an important role in maintaining users’ interest, keeping them on your site, and engaging with your content. The majority of website visitors don’t actually read pages, they scan them searching for titles, bold text, and lists.

Optimizing CTAs

Calls to actions (CTAs) that utilize action words enable users to more easily navigate your site and allows them to find exactly what they want. Another factor to think about when creating CTA buttons is color and the psychology behind it. A study done by Maxymiser on the Laura Ashley website found that they were able to increase clicks on CTAs by over 11% just by testing color and text variations.

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