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3 Website Maintenance Tips Every Business Should Be Doing


Maintaining your business website allows for maximum efficiency and added protection. As an award-winning marketing firm, we wanted to share a few tips every business should know.

The following tips provide basic guidelines every site should do on a consistent basis.

  • Test compatibility – As browser and devices continue to update it is important to test your website on the latest phones, tablets, and browsers. We suggest testing compatibility on a quarterly basis.
  • Create backups – Since most sites change quite a bit in a short time, we recommend creating backups on a monthly basis. This will minimize potential data loss in the case of a catastrophic event. If you are using WordPress, we recommend downloading a plugin and setting up a recurring event.
  • Review analytics – Reviewing analytics not only shows your website effectiveness, but also help show its weakness and potential issues. Reviewing analytics on a monthly basis allows errors to be fixed quickly and helps create better benchmarks for the future.

A business website is a powerful tool and should be kept in peak condition. Following the three tips above is a great start to keep your website running smoothly.

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