4 Instagram Color Schemes for Consistent Branding

When creating content for social media channels, it’s important to create brand consistency across all platforms. Not only will this create a more seamless experience for users who are researching into your business, but it will also make your brand more memorable. Consistent branding can be achieved through a variety of different ways, whether through tone of voice, the overall visual aesthetics, or the type of content that’s posted. A marketing trend that’s on the rise, particularly on Instagram, is color schemes.

Below are 5 examples of businesses and influencers who are using color schemes on Instagram:


A worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration since 1963.

2. Dream Pops

An innovative plant-based ice cream company.

3. Kim Kardashian West

American TV personality, entrepreneur and social media influencer.

4. Minimalist Style

Australian e-commerce store that sells minimalistic and neutral-colored goods.

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