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4 Reasons Why Every Brand Needs a Brand Guide

Let’s be real, in the big scheme of things when you are starting a company and in the brand establishment phase, having a brand guide…

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Let’s be real, in the big scheme of things when you are starting a company and in the brand establishment phase, having a brand guide made just sounds like extra work. You may be thinking that brand guides are “only for larger companies” or “well-established brands”. Well, we are here to tell you why having a brand guide is just as important as having a logo (if not more).

1. It’s About More Than Just The “Look”

It’s about the “feel” of the brand too. Think about some of the most reputable brands on the market today. Now think about their tone of voice and the brand’s personality. It’s the same across all platforms, right? This is because the brand has established a standard in their brand guide. The “feel” of the brand is all about establishing brand values, promises, tone of voice, taglines/ keyphrases, and much more. The brand guide is truly your chance to determine how you want your brand to make customers feel.

2. It’s Just as Important as The Logo

You are limiting the potential of your logo by not having your design agency give you all the Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to the usage of your logo. As you grow and expand your company, your logo will be used everywhere and by everybody. The last thing you want is to see your beautiful sleek logo in hot pink in someone’s email signature.

3. They Maximize Brand Potential

When we think of branding, we all think of logos and colors. However, it is much more than that. It’s about having the right colors (hexcodes,etc.), right fonts, and brand elements. When your marketing or design agency was developing your logo, they were thinking about all the possibilities of the brand. By not having a brand guide that acts as aa gateway to the mind of your designer, you are limiting those brand possibilities.

4. It’s One and Done

Unless you were to do a rebrand or add a subsidiary to your company, the guide is like your branding bible. It lays the foundation of where you are now and where you will be in the next 20 years, all in one document. It is worth investing the time and money in the beginning stages to lay the foundation of your brand.

Whether your company is brand new or seasoned, the importance of a brand guide is still the same. Speak with one of our Branding Experts to see how your brand can become award-winning for years to come.

Feeling inspired yet? Keep an eye out on our portfolio to see how we’re implementing these trends into our work here at Tribu!

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