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A Crash Course in Digital Marketing

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Guest Blogger and Tribu Intern: Reed Hartman

I’ve been at Tribu now for a little less than a month, now. On my first day, I was immediately thrown into the fire and bombarded with information about the inbound methodology, the ins and outs of digital marketing, and Tribu’s philosophy regarding the subject.

Not having any prior exposure to marketing except for one class in high school, I was a stranger in a foreign land. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that what I would be doing here was on the cutting edge of the marketing world.

What is Digital Marketing?

We all know that having a website is an important part of business these days. Everyone lives online, and most people block out all other forms of advertising (billboards, fliers, commercials, etc.).

When a person has a problem, or needs some sort of service, they don’t turn to the phone book anymore, they turn to Google, immediately typing in a question or searching for something that they want. Don’t you want to be there for them instead of a competitor? It’s that simple.

Well, not exactly.

Sometimes, the more pages you have online (along with a myriad of other qualifications) means you have a larger chance of grabbing that person on the search page. Once you’ve got a prospective customer onto your website, you need content there to grab their attention.

Not just any old content, though. You need something that is relevant to what they’re searching for and written primarily for humans (not search robots).

How Do I Close the Deal?

After they read your blog, get to your homepage, or find your website, you want them to do something. You don’t want them to sit there and think “Great, now I know what I need to do.  I guess I’ll go Googling some more to see if I can find someone to do this for me.”

You need to give your lead an immediate opportunity to solve their problem. “Do you get headaches from fluorescent lights? Great! Come buy our light covers.”  “Are you looking for a place to keep your pet while you’re out of town for a couple weeks? Great! Come check out our dog boarding options.”

You can’t let your lead sit in the dark, wondering what to do next. You need the ability to present them with a solution to their problem, maybe one they didn’t even know they had, and give them the opportunity to correct that problem.

There. Now it’s that simple. You want an easy way to get customers into your business, but you also want a way to keep them there. In the digital age, you can’t let them fall through the cracks of search engines and Facebook posts. You need to take control of your company’s marketing strategy, and that’s what we do best.

Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be glad to show you how we can expand your business and help you achieve your goals.

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