Blackbird Golf Shopify E-Commerce Website

Blackbird Golf was designed and built for Shopify to capitalize on the incredible checkout experience…

Blackbird Golf Home page Design

Shopify is one of the largest e-Commerce platforms currently on the web. It has one of the best checkout customer experiences out there, however it can be challenging to get the platform to look exactly how you want. This was our challenge with Blackbird Golf Co. We researched a variety of flexible themes and builders, did all the photography to ensure we had the best quality possible, and installed a few additional apps to create a more unique experience that was as user-friendly as possible. Here is what we developed:

Something that stood out to us when building on Shopify was how flexible navigation can be with mega menus. Here is our example for Blackbird Golf Co.

Blackbird Golf Home page Design responsive

Depending on what theme or builder you are using you can get functionality like “Quick View” which allows people to easily toggle between products and add them to the cart without leaving the shop page. You can see our example below:

Feeling inspired yet? Keep an eye out on our portfolio to see how we’re implementing these trends into our work here at Tribu!

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