Well, we’re a start-up – so you’ve got to be quick-witted, fast, and capable of wearing many hats. No job is too big or too small for your wise mind or your thrifty hands.

The ability to work autonomously and with your fellow tribe members is a must. You should come to the table as an independent thinker, capable of sharing your brilliant ideas and eager to listen to the ideas of others, but you should leave the table as an efficient do-er, able to take any assignment that’s thrown your way and execute it efficiently and with enthusiasm. Being organized helps. And even though our roles get mixed all the time, bonus points for always owning your role.

You should be an avid learner, continually seeking to improve your skills and learn industry trends. We’re a progressive agency, and that means knowing what’s coming next is important. We want the best and the brightest and we aren’t shy about it. Most of all – we want people who are in love with learning new skills and exceptionally talented at what they do.

Open positions

Frontend WordPress Designer
  • Adobe CS (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) <- Must be a designer
  • HTML / CSS / Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress (WooCommerce a plus)
  • DNS and Cpanels, experience transferring WordPress sites from host to host is a plus
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field (i.e. Communication Design, Web Design, Graphic Design)
  • Highly detail oriented – good work lives in the details – and you get a kick out of critical problem solving
  • Great communication and collaboration skills
  • An upbeat and “go get ‘em” personality. Be a joy to be around and aim to have some fun while you work.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Collaborate with Brand Designers to create client websites on the WordPress CMS
  • Collaborate with Content Strategists develop site architectures
  • Collaborate with Content Strategists to setup integrations with third party platforms
  • Occasional project management
  • Directly communicating with clients (phone, email, in-person meetings)
  • Set up hosting accounts for clients and WordPress installs (manually or through server side apps)
  • Connect Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Collaborate with Content Strategists to ensure sites are search engine optimized
  • Sometimes: Troubleshoot Hosting / DNS issues
  • Sometimes: Troubleshoot website / ecommerce issues
  • Help with designing and coding occasional email blasts
  • Research and recommend WordPress themes for site building before use
  • Setup subdomains for temporary site building when necessary
  • Transfer sites to live URLs when necessary
  • Work closely as a team but also able to work individually
  • Handle multiple projects / deadlines
  • Research plugins and third-party apps for WordPress compatibility and implement as needed
Business Acquisition / Project Management

Who Makes a Great Fit?

If you love to spend your days chatting with all different kinds of personalities, this role might just be for you. The kind of individual who succeeds at this role is a people person and highly organized. They pride themselves on their business acumen and constantly make awesome judgement calls. They get a thrill out of new opportunity discussions and are highly collaborative team members. They like to keep a big picture overview of how things get done in our company. They like to track project progress, give exciting updates and most importantly, establish both long-term internal relationships with other tribe members (your co-workers) and genuine external relationships with tribe partners (company clients). Last but certainly not least, they have integrity and are rooted in honesty, they are generally an optimist and are happy to publicly represent Tribu in a variety of scenarios.


What You’ll be Doing:

In the simplest terms this role carries two main responsibilities:
1) manage existing company projects and
2) sell new services (when the opportunity arises) to existing or incoming company clientele.

To give the fairest and most accurate picture, we’ve added all the other details we could think of below:

  • Collaborate with General Manager to maintain a high-level overview and great organization concerning all rotating company projects and personnel capacities
  • Write and distribute creative briefs
  • Lead project “kickstart” meetings and gather necessary information to complete a project within deadline while meeting and exceeding the needs of the client
  • Attend sales/ introductory meetings to communicate Tribu’s expertise and project process
  • Frequent client communication, including project updates, follow-up and regular meeting recaps
  • Efficient task delegation to the tribe
  • Collaboratively set project timelines and maintain them for the company
  • Some project-dependent vendor communication, e.g. researching print quotes to find best price for client
  • Collaboration with internal billing
  • Copy creation, editing, proofreading as necessary for quality project completions
  • Notification and aid in mitigation of scope creep to clients as necessary
  • Maintain real, authentic relationships with previous project clients and follow up regularly to assess recurring opportunities
  • Maintain leads/contacts in the company CRM
  • Write proposals associated with expanding projects and continuing client relationships


Required Skills:

  • Detail-oriented and mistake-intolerant
  • Consistently meets self-assigned and company deadlines
  • Excellent communicator and highly observational (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Highly organized
  • Meticulous grammar and excellent writing skills
  • Can navigate difficult circumstances, perform well under pressure and is able to multi-task
  • Excellent business acumen
  • Empathetic and highly knowledgeable of various job roles of agencies in general and Tribu specifically
  • Understands project management thoroughly, bonus if applicant also possesses past sales experience




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