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Content Marketer & Graphic Designer: A Perfect Pair

This is how a content marketer and graphic designer became “ear” buds . . .

Collection Of Earrings In Different Colors And Textures

How a Content Marketer & Graphic Designer Became "Ear" Buds

This is how a content marketer and graphic designer became ear-buds. . .(which basically means, we have an earring competition every Friday).

DEVON: TGIF, am I right? After a long work week, something cute and fun is exactly what I want to look forward to before those final “sprint” hours at the office! 

JACKIE: Soon after meeting, the two of us bonded over our love for large and eccentric earrings and decided to hold a weekly competition for the best pair! We knew this would be something exciting to look forward to.

DEVON: It started off ever so nonchalantly, but pretty soon we had categories and judges with votes to swing!

JACKIE: It allowed creativity to flow through us and into our work. 

DEVON: From beaded strawberries and felt pápel picado (Texas Margarita Factory 🍹 vibes) and plastic lips to holographic spaceships (hello 👋🏼 Tribu 10 celebration) – we have showcased a little bit of everything these past few weeks!

JACKIE: I am constantly thinking about how creative we can get, whether creating for various brands or choosing the right type of earrings to wear. 

All About Balance: This Friendly Competition has More to Do With our Brand Work Than One Might Think

So, how does this thread together the roles of content marketer and graphic designer?

DEVON: I am certainly a words gal and Jackie a design gal. This silly back and forth got me thinking a lot about how important the balance in that relationship is for our partners. 

JACKIE: As a graphic designer, a lot of what our job is about is the ability to have an eye. However, I wouldn’t have any creative earrings to wear without the backing that goes with them. 

DEVON: As a content marketer, I have realized that oftentimes project or task responsibility transfers a balance between us. For example, sometimes Jackie will gather information and design based on the copy I provide, and other times I will gain inspiration from something she has drawn or digitally rendered. 

JACKIE: Graphic design helps connect the side of your brain that is used for creative thinking, while writing helps connect to the other side responsible for critical thinking. 

DEV: As passionate people and coworkers, oftentimes the roles will blend and we will use the kindling of one idea to set fire to another and ultimately create something beautiful for the team.

JACKIE: Instead of just passing tasks on to one another, we must work as a pair to push creative bounds!

DEV: A funky earring can only be admired and enjoyed with support from the right backing. Otherwise, it could fall or get lost! Similarly, Jackie and I stand behind one another –  we advocate for each other’s work and push to make them better. 

Content marketers and graphic designers truly do make a perfect pair.

Feeling inspired yet? Keep an eye out on our portfolio to see how we’re implementing these trends into our work here at Tribu!

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