Happy Birthday To You: Our Cool Tribu B-Day Culture

As I’m writing this, it’s my birthday! Happy 26th to me! But, it’s really our Tribu culture and how we celebrate our people that’s the real gift.

How Tribu Celebrates Birthdays: 

  • Insert Culture Club – our amazing group of tribers who plan each member’s birthday gift, cake, card and all that good stuff. They work super hard to make each person feel special, and anyone can join. They work in the background prior to your day to blow. your. mind.
  • You walk into work. You stroll to your desk. BAM! There’s confetti, balloons, decorations and people popping confetti in your face. Not a bad start to the day, right?!
  • Each person gets a nice gift specific to them. Of course, I got craft beer, a taco tower and a Michaels gift card to go toward hanging pieces from my art collection. Other Tribe Members have received things like flowers, cute items for their desk, their favorite food or drink items, lunch, etc. I mean, let’s face it, food is the best gift ever.
  • At lunch on your birthday, we have cake, food delivered or something to celebrate that person. Everyone  takes a break to spend time to be with you. Which is sooooo cool!
  • Lastly, there’s the card. It’s the simplest part but my personal favorite. Everyone signs it and says something super sweet about you. Hearing how you’ve impacted people and made their lives better really makes your day special.  


Don’t you want to become a Tribe member now? Guess what? You can! Reach out to us today for a partner who can help you celebrate your business and make you feel like it’s your birthday every single day. Because we’re just that good. 🙂


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