Honest Abe Food Logo Design

Sometimes you get a project that creates itself. This was a fun design project. I was honored to create a logo that pays homage to Abe who is the late father of the chef who created Honest Abe Food. It is always an interesting process to create a logo mark that resembles a person. It is a balancing act of having the right amount of stylization and, staying true to the source.

The final outcome came out great! Taking inspiration from vintage halftone prints and pop art design, I landed on our final logo. Adding the additional starburst added another layer of charm to the smiling Abe. The overall feel I aimed for hip and bright 1940-50’s mid-century modern style, twisting in a modern look with bright colors and modern typefaces. At the core of honest Abe Foods is a passion for food. I wanted to reflect that passion through a bright and fun design.

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