Instagram Features Your Brand Should be Using!

Instagram Features Your Brand Should be Using! 

Instagram has grown from a photo-sharing platform to a multifaceted marketing channel. Businesses may turn to Instagram to launch their brand, establish brand fans, or build brand loyalty. Two of their most recent feature launches are sometimes overlooked by businesses as tools to accomplish this. Let’s take a look at how IGTV and Instagram AR filters can help you connect to your Instagram audience. 


IGTV is an extension of Instagram and exists as a standalone app. However, the basic functions of IGTV exist on the original application. IGTV allows users to post high-quality videos anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes in length.  

Brands who use IGTV can repurpose their video content into captivating snippets for consumption on the app. IGTV videos can also be a vehicle for brand storytelling by letting followers come behind the scenes or interview-style content. 

Check out how Spotify uses IGTV to highlight their featured artists:

Instagram AR filters

Instagram has always had filters but more recently it has expanded to AR filters specifically for their Instagram Story content. AR filters are a great way for brands to create opportunities for interactivity with their online audience. Users who use these filters feel like they are apart of your brand story. 

AR Filters also help you build increased brand awareness. When people share their story with your branded AR filter, you’ve just tapped into their personal brand networks which means new eyes on your brand. 

Whataburger used this feature to create a “Which Menu Item?” filter that randomly cycles through their menu items and assigns one to you. 

Interested in trying out these IGTV or AR filters for your brand? Let Tribu help you!

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