Instagram Shopping with BaubleBar

Window shopping has been taken to a whole other level on Instagram. Now scrolling through your feed you’ll discover products you can easily purchase. It’s a blessing and a curse all at the same time!

Shopping is as simple as scrolling through your feed. When your eyes get caught on the thing you HAVE to have – all you have to do is tap, shop, and checkout!

With shoppable posts, Instagramers have an even greater opportunity to connect with the brands they love by being able to quickly see information — like product descriptions and pricing. It just takes a single click and shoppers never have to leave the Instagram app.

According to BigCommerce, more than 800,000 shoppers use Instagram every month. Brands everywhere are using this visual platform to share their stories and products with consumers in a highly engaging and personal way.

Below is an example of how Instagram shopping works from a brand that is doing a great job of posting shoppable posts, keeping followers engaged and staying personal. Meet BaubleBar.

Want to shop a post? Just look for the shopping bag icon on the photo.

(OMG that caption is perfect! ^)

Once you open the post, tap on the product you want to buy.

Here you’ll see the name and price of the product.

Like what you see? Tap on the product info icon for more information and get directed to a shop now button.

Ta-da! Here you’ll see more info about the product and you are only a few clicks away from calling this baby yours.

Tap the shop now button and it will direct you to the brands ecommerce site where you can shop ‘til you drop!

Add the product to your shopping bag, check out, and your shopping is done! Simple, right?

For a business that sell consumer products, it is a no brainer to have Instagram shopping on your page. This gives your followers another outlet where they can easily shop your hottest items.

If you want your followers to be able to shop your products on your Instagram page or need some help with social media, let’s chat. xo.

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