Instagram Updates You Should Keep An Eye On

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. It’s amazing we keep up with it all! In the news recently, my favorite platform, Instagram, is rolling out some new updates that you should totally keep your eye on. Check them out!

  1. Instagram Considering Account Linking Feature for Simplicity of Multiple Account Management
  • What You Need to Know:
    • This is a new option to connect several accounts to a single log-in, enabling managers to more easily navigate various Instagram accounts.
    • Don’t get too excited, folks! I sure did! Even though there are many users who also run business accounts, this option to link multiple profiles is more aligned with the finsta trend, for users who have several personal accounts. However, Instagram is working on a solution for business accounts.
  1. Instagram is Now Testing Direct Messages For Your Desktop
  • What You Need to Know:
    • As you may know, Instagram usage on desktop is minimal. No photo uploads. No Stories updates. Sad day. Testing its direct message feature for  desktop use could be a big step forward for this previously mobile-only app.
    • This move could mean a couple things: messaging is taking on a new importance to the Insta team or it’s possible it is preparing for Facebook’s move to consolidate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DMs into a single, unified platform. More shall be revealed!
  1. IGTV Videos: Coming Soon to Your Insta Feed
  • What You Need To Know:
    • IGTV will not be ignored! There will now be an IGTV “preview” video and link placed right in your main feed when someone you follow posts a new video to IGTV.
    • This move indicates a less subtle push for users to start utilizing the feature, the  latest sign that IGTV hasn’t taken off as hoped. The bottom line: will users embrace it or be annoyed?

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Sources: Social Media Today, The Verge, Mashable, The New York Times

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