Is it Time to Update Your Brand Message?

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Every company has to go through a brand message update process sometime in its lifetime. What worked and trended in 2015 is not what is working and trending now. As time moves forward, companies need to tweak and change their content and practices to move on with what is trending today. But when do you completely need to think about switching up your messaging? What are the signs you should be looking out for? We’ve got the answers to your questions below.

Is your messaging out of date?

As your offers change, your deliverables change, and your audience changes, it’s important that your message reflects this change. For instance, let’s say you’re a brand that came out in the ’90s and you started in your late 20’s. Well now it’s 2020 and you’re in your 50’s, but you still need to attract people in their late 20’s in a 2022 world. Has your branding changed? Have you updated your message to fit with the current times of what your current audience appeals to? Maybe your tagline needs adjusting? Are you even talking to people on TikTok? These are the questions you need to ask yourself because if you’re not attracting your target audience, you may need to update your brand message.

Is your brand message inconsistent?

You can answer this question by looking at your website, then your different social media pages, and your last newsletter. Did you do that? Good! Now, did you see a consistent visual language? Would a potential customer instantly recognize the similarities and that it’s you? If not, your brand messaging could probably use some work. Remember, a brand’s goal is to create a cohesive experience at all times throughout platforms, whether someone is reading your blog or checking your social media.

Does your message reflect your values today? 

A strong brand message is built on a strong core identity. This identity includes your purpose, vision, mission, and values. If your messaging doesn’t have these identified, or they haven’t been updated in years, then you may want to do some reflection! Knowing your brand identity helps with your visual elements along with your content. It’s an opportunity to communicate and reinforce who you are. If your messaging is not reflecting your values effectively, you won’t resonate with people. 

Bottom Line

If you’ve had trouble answering these questions, you may need to update your brand message. At Tribu, we understood this concept recently. We changed our mindset last year to helping build brands rather than just your marketing service. We found that this approach is what we needed to help our partners grow their brands digitally and financially. With this change, we knew we needed to update our messaging to appeal to our ever-changing audience.


If you need help with rebranding, messaging, name changes, creating a brand guide, logo redesigns, Tribu’s kickass team is just a phone call away! 


Feeling inspired yet? Keep an eye out on our portfolio to see how we’re implementing these trends into our work here at Tribu!

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