Love for Our Partners & What We Do

Today, after revealing a new brochure…

We received an e-mail from one of our valued partners that I’m quoting for it’s awesome-ness.

Again – the work ya’ll have done is so right on it! Just made me want to cry it is so awesome!!! Ya’ll are the best ever!!!

Hearing that is like crack to us & we’re so privileged to be working with such awesome individuals. And i’m not posting this in a bragging way (not at all, we hope to always be a humble quality provider), I’m posting this in a “what an awesome thing to hear” kind of way. In a – please, let me have the privilege of sharing our happiness with you, kind of way.

We hope to always be a quality provider that’s grounded in our roots & remembers where we came from. We hope to always stay true to strategic & functional creativity. We hope to be bold, and we hope to stay human. And I’ve just stated this so that somebody can call us out if we ever stray, keep us on our game, and make sure that we’re grounded in our beliefs.

We’re certainly transparent enough to admit that this month, while not a bad one, has certainly not been our greatest. We’re eager for new business & to further concrete a lot of the relationships we’ve begun building (we hope we always stay that way). But one thing is for sure, good or bad month, our roots stay the same & our thankfulness for our partners & those awesome individuals who have given us a the opportunity to perform great work will always be so valuable to us that there isn’t a metric large enough to measure it.

Everyday here is a privilege. Getting to serve awesome businesses in their pursuit of growth & consumer loyalty is an exceptionally valued experience to us. We love it, love it.

Last Saturday Carlos posted this pic to our twitter feed:

The caption read, “It’s a great day to be doing what you love”. And he’s right – it is. It totally is.

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