Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Social Media Panel Takeaways

Randi Berkovsky at PRSA Luncheon - Speaking on Panel | Tribu Digital Marketing

On April 4, I had the great pleasure of being a speaker on the PRSA Social Media Tips & Tricks Panel to share my social media expertise on behalf of Tribu. Below are a few major takeaways from the panel’s speakers that might help businesses with their social media questions.

  1. Build a social media strategy. Make sure you plan out your social media effectively, including having conversations about your organization’s goals, objectives, target audience, budget, campaign ideas and truly deciding if social media (or any other channels) is the right fit for your business. Sometimes, it’s not – and that’s totally cool.
  2. Understand what it takes to manage social effectively. This can be a lot of work, so please make sure you have the staff, resources and knowledge to kick serious booty. Please keep up-to-date on best practices – there’s plenty of reading material out there – and understand that you may need to have an organic and paid approach to reach your goals.
  3. Know a couple good secrets. A few strong tips from the panelists:
  • Only post once a day on each channel. Any more and you’re competing with yourself.
  • What might be right for another brand or competitor might not be right for you and that’s ok. Don’t be so focused on others or what is hot all the time.
  • Use content buckets that really bring value to your consumers. Yelling “buy my product” can most likely give people negative thoughts about you. Think of ways you can put yourself in their shoes, provide value and then make the sell.
  • Try to have an ad budget, even if it’s small. And guess what? There’s more to social media than just boosting posts. There are so many paid ad objectives that a business can use to reach their macro goals. This info is available for free through Facebook, so you can read up and pick which is best for you. Test it. Love it. Kill it.

I hope that’s helpful for you! And, if you don’t want to do it yourself and would love a committed partner to help you with social media, Tribu’s got your back. Give us a call!

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