2D to 3D Graphic design and 3D animation

3D Animation and Graphics

I have a soft spot for 3D animation. There are endless creative possibilities and solutions through 3D animation software. I am not a skilled master by any means but I can navigate my way around Cinema 4D, a popular 3D program. Cinema 4D is always improving and updating with new tools, features, and it’s Adobe friendly.

Recently I was on the Maxon website, the company who owns Cinema 4D, I was reading the newest features for Cinema 4D. Now, it can import layers from your Adobe illustrator or Photoshop file and create editable outlines in the 3D program. This makes jumping into motion graphics even faster. It’s amazing how seamlessly you can integrate your drawing and create 3D versions. You can create a motion graphic quickly without the hassle of navigating layers and compositions in After Effects. 

The only downside is Cinema 4D has a large learning curve. Don’t worry though, cinema 4D is one of the most popular 3D programs out there. There are plenty of free tutorials on youtube to follow and begin learning the basics. However, if what you are looking for is some high-quality design work, feel free to contact the Tribe! we are more than thrilled to aid you in all your motion graphic endeavors.

As we move further into the digital world of design, we will find new ways to innovate the digital space. 3D animation will be the next big thing for the web, creating motion and space within the devices we use to interact in the digital space.