4 Reasons You Need an Ad Budget

1. Targeted ads are the best way to reach your audience. We promise.

It might seem like a Zuckerberg-esque scheme to get you to spend money on Facebook, however, there is too many people surfing around the internet to reach your intended audience without putting some cash behind targeted ads and reach the right people.

2. Throwing random content around the internet is useless without a budget.

You may be in tune in to your audience and have a harmonious strategy, with engaging writing, interesting topics and beautiful design assets; but unless you ensure that the right people see that content, it doesn’t matter what you create. You need to pay to play.

3. Social and Google AdWords targeting is surprisingly accurate.

Did you know, you can create an ad that targets people within a certain geographic region? Even within a certain radius! Did you know you can target people based on their occupation? Age? Interests? Whomever it is you wish to see your content, you can get pretty darn close to by targeting those demographics with the right mix of broad and narrow search criteria. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage your audience because you don’t want to spare a few bucks.

4. Ads aren’t what they used to be.

Ads have a bad rap. And for good reason. Ads were (and in some cases still are) an obnoxious distraction while you browse the web. A paid ad is as ugly or invasive as you choose to make it. An Instagram ad can now integrate seamlessly into your existing feed. A Facebook ad is now often an engaging video and Google ads are seldomly differentiated from regular search results with the exception of small text that says “AD” next to it.

Don’t let your past experience with paid ads turn you off from trying your hand at highly targeted and incredibly effective advertising.

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