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San Antonio Marketing Interns

Day In The Life Of A Tribu Marketing Intern

Read more on what our San Antonio interns at Tribu Marketing Agency do here everyday from branding to sales and everything in between!

Impressions Are People Too: A Digital Marketing Reminder

Marketing and advertising is an industry that leans heavily into qualitative data like impressions to make informed decisions.

Marketers & Stock Traders are more similar than you think

Marketing and stock trading may not seem too similar on the surface- but in this blog, we break down just how similar the 2 fields are!

Buddy Branding

Buddy Logo Design, Grand guide, Graphical elements.

Lights, Camera, Action: Three Ways to Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage

One vital aspect of digital marketing that has been on the rise over the past few years is the use of eye-catching video content in your marketing efforts.
Sales City Logo Design by Tribu Graphic Designer

Sales City Logo Design

Sales City Group Logo Design, Grand guide, Graphical elements.
Starting a Business Podcast

Starting a Business Podcast: Four Ways It Can Boost Your Brand

From well-known names and businesses, like Megan Markle and McDonald’s, to people with smaller platforms like your 16-year-old neighbor.
Lagio Blog Luxury branding

Lagio Branding, Social Media, and Photography

Lagio Branding colors, Social Media graphics, and Photography. It is important to have a strong brand when advertising on social media.
Otomi authentic Mexican Coffee logo design

Otomi Design and Logo System

Poster Design for day of the dead

Trudy poster

Hand-drawn posters take time but occasionally I get my hands dirty and work on some special design pieces. This is one of those projects.


Tribu lives at the intersection of award-winning design and branding + measurable digital marketing techniques.

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